Sunday entertainment


We had planned a day of nothing today.
Ah perfect.
But then came a call, would we like to go to the forest with granny and grandad, and cousins?

Hmm, would J and B like to give up their nothing day?

Actually, the immediate answer was no.
But I promised them that the holidays were just around the corner and there would be lots of nothing days then.
So they agreed.
20140701-215747-79067413.jpgA little walk, up to the hut and some lunch was followed by playing for the children, as I stayed around the hut.
My head cold hit hard and I ran out of energy 😦
But the children had a great time without me 🙂

As we left the forest, B reminded me that she had asked could we have a nip to the beach after the forest visit.
Well, I did say we could so . . . . . . . .

Well, how can you resist when all of this is Ours?


And these are the happy faces.
No one can turn that down 🙂


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