Wee tuf mudders


The local community fundraisers organised a great event for today.
Tuf Mudders for little ones.
There has been a lot of talk throughout the community with everyone I met saying that they were really looking forward to it.

The day has arrived!
We parked up in the farther away car park and followed the signs up the long driveway.

We got to the hut and the place was MOBBED, oh my goodness so many people! And what a heat!!
We joined the queue to sign up for our turn to do the race/obstacle course.
And grabbed the crayons for some war paint!

J and B took themselves to the starting line. I hadn’t thought to do the course with J because my ankle was really sore but once the starter was blown and I saw B shoot off into the distance, with J trailing behind, I just couldn’t sit about. So I dashed to catch up.





I couldn’t get enough pictures!
It was so much fun!

J was delighted with himself when he made it over the finish line !
We found B in the crowds. A little mucky but still delighted with herself 😀

It was so busy we didn’t hang around for too long.
B got changed, we had a snack and then went to head back to the car via the wooden xylaphone.
On the way home we went past the village harbour. I decided that. I wanted a little more peace before we went back to the house.
As we had wandered through the wood, we had been accompanied by my friend and Js friend.
I needed to just have a moment with my children in a peaceful environment, just us.
This was perfect.

We threw stones into the water, I even managed to skim some!



Then we headed home for a nice peaceful afternoon.
The children were supposed to have baths, but j had been begging me to watch his Lego Batman, that he had borrowed from his friend. After 3 days I relented.
They agreed that they would watch it whilst I bathed, then they would have their baths.

Then grandad arrived!?
B came up to me, in the bath, to tell me she had overheard her grandad telling her granny, on the phone, that his name had been taken by the police.
She was really quite worried that he was in trouble.

I went down to find out if all was well.
It turned out that he had been witness to an awful crash with a motorcyclist and his passenger, and another car.
Poor grandad then spent the next hour giving his statement.

The children finished their film, had their baths and went to bed tired monkeys, looking forward to a busy day the next day.
Two activities booked, one for the morning anyone for the afternoon.


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