Let’s make a dragonfly!


So we did, we went along to make a large scale Dragonfly.
And we were the only ones who did!
It was great fun but there was no way to finish it in one day, which is great because now we get to back to finish it next week 😀

We also got to make little ones. Yay

Then we took ourselves to catch the end of the drama and dance class for today because later today they will be doing this dance as a display at the commonwealth baton thing (yeah, thing, I don’t really know what it’s all about! Is it like the Olympic baton thing, they are running it from one end of the uk to the next?)
Anyway, it’s all going on down by the pool.

So first the class, and it’s time to get dressed up

I parked up down in town, so that we could just walk on down from the high school ( where the class is) to the park by the pool. We decided that it would be more funt o go down what I have always referred to as ‘the rabbit slide’, I no longer know why it’s called that, but that’s what I always called it when I was 10ish, lol


We got to the park in time to take part in a Flash Dance to commemorate the Commonwealth Baton coming through our town.

The we joined the crowds to see the baton passing through.
Aunty N was desperate that B get to hold it. Her perseverance paid off.

The children then dashed back down the hill to rejoin the queue to get their turn on the climbing wall.
It took a bit of time, but they got their turn!

B was off like a shot!



J needed a bit more encouragement but he did great too


As we were wandering around the park, the guys at the local funfair were handing out flyers for tonight’s £1 a ride night.
When. I got us all home, I felt too exhausted, but after some dinner, I figured what they hey!
So we took ourselves back into town and had a great time going on all the rides, some were pretty scary for little children but both were delighted and had an absolute blast!
What a shame I forgot my camera! 😦

Pretty hectic day, all in, but a good one 🙂

Daddy is home in just over 3 weeks!
We didn’t expect him for another 5 so yahoo!!
We love you daddy!!


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