Painting days


Today was a day for Drama and Dance, but first we visited Granny and Grandad to help with some fence painting.
But before we could do that, B came dashing to tell us that the tide was out!
And that meant that we could go to the cave and then go up the steps in the cliff side!!
She was super excited so Grandad decided to join us for the adventure.
Happy faces as we began our walk.

Time to begin the ascent

Nearly there!

They loved it!
J was a bit scared by the lack of protection between him and the edge of the cliff but he made it 🙂

We did a little painting before heading off for the Drama and Dance class.


I popped back to do some more painting whilst B and J were at their class and we were so nearly finished that I just had to come back afterwards so We could all complete the job.

Then the beach called to me!

Poor J, this was the moment he fell, caught on camera.
I don’t think he was bothered in the slightest!

My beautiful B was brave enough to shed her leggings and just enjoy the water.

I wish I could have been so brave.
But I enjoyed watching my little darlings enjoy the water and the weather!


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