Viking pottery


My turn to go to a class today!
A Viking Ceramics class with a Living History Viking.
I wanted to go along for a bit of a nosy, but I ended up having really great fun.
Here is my wonderful creation!

I can’t wait to get it glazed and use it for our dinner table milk.

The children had their turn for the ceramics class in the afternoon.
In the morning J said, “aw, I don’t want to do a Ceramics class”
So I was worried that he would struggle with the class and be bored, but he appears to have had a great time.
Certainly, when I turned up, he was still working hard on his creation 🙂
B made a beautiful pot with a handle and a lid.
(Unfortunately, neither handle survived the trip home, Js didn’t even manage to Granny’s house)
Look at those beaming proud faces!


Back to Granny’s for dinner.
And a wee trip to the beach while Grandad cooked, yippee!
I figure we might as well make the most of this good weather whilst it lasts.
I think it’s a real shame granny and grandad have to leave their house by the beach. I have really enjoyed their being so close to town and the children being able to take a quick walk along the beach. It’s nice that they get to walk on the beach and it increases their confidence.


Watch out, there’s that blurring in action again!
As soon as we got to the beach, J stripped of all his clothes down to the nuddy again. Makes taking pictures a little bit more difficult for delicate eyes ( yes I mean mine), lol
But it’s great that he is happy to strip off, I want them both to be body happy.
But more importantly, that they enjoy the freedom of our beaches.


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