Busy bees



Whilst I glaze in the kitchen, B looms in the living room.
J spent time at a friends whilst B and I worked.

Then we went into town to watch a Viking skirmish.


J couldn’t wait to get a hold off a sword
We went to granny’s for a quick visit that turned into a couple of hours, in time to take B to her friend Ph’s birthday party.
Look at the beautiful new puppy that my friend L has!!

J and I took ourselves home again and enjoyed a film together, Mr Poppers Penguins. J was in absolute stitches with the capers of the Penguins 😀 It was brilliant to enjoy it with him!

I worked for hours to finish off my glazing. I’m hoping to get my kiln on the go tomorrow.

B came home around half 10. The party was a sleep over but we decided that, as she was the only girl invited, she wouldn’t stay over. We knew it was going to be a late night.
She had a Great time. Well, she says she spent a lot of time with L and Ph’s granny, but that she joined in the games. L told me that she play fought, and won, with one of the boys ☺ lol

I am so sleepy now, but happy


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