Dream catchers and an afternoon at the beach


What a stressful morning.
Deciding to take my two, plus their friend and their cousin to go and make dream catcher.
Phew, blimey, 4 of them at me at once to help them.
Stroppy mummy was in full force 😦
And then to look up and see local mums and just know that they had heard me at my most stressful worse.
Mortified doesn’t even nearly cover it 😦

But, all was fine once they got to grips with the basics and I managed to catch a breath.
Everyone was happy with their finished product.
Thank goodness for lovely weather!
Time for a breath of air on the beach.
This picture was taken blind, it was so bright I couldn’t see my screen.
J had his best friend with him for some digging fun.
But that wasn’t the only person he played with.
When we arrived at the beach we discovered a bucket and spade at the steps, so we figured it had been abandoned and thought we would borrow it and put it back.
Turned out it belonged to the little boys running around on the beach.
Luckily for us they were ever so kind and came to say that they didn’t mind, at all, sharing.
Then he came to invite J over. We hadn’t been able to quite make out what he was saying but it turned out it was to share his lunch! How sweet.
J then spent an absolute age playing with them, including a dip in the sea!

Because everyone was so happy, we stayed at the beach from 1 until 5!
I had not expected to be there that long at all!!


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