My smiling lad stopped smiling



My little boy is ill 😦
Last night was Horrendous!
He was sick,  then writhing in pain, sick again and eventually dry retching.
He was asking for medicine but he couldn’t have any because the moment it hit his stomach it would have come back up, as the water that he was sipping was doing 😮
Oh it was Awful!

He is my cheery little boy, always with a ready smile.  So to see him in pain last night was very hard.

But look at him now!
It’s like it didn’t happen.


Did I dream it! ?
I distinctly remember being so tired.
He chose my worst hours, isn’t that just the case?
Between 3-5am



So it happened alright!

But my happy lad is back, long may it continue and long may his tummy accept food.


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