This blog is for my family
My whirling dervish J who is obsessed with Disney’s Cars and now, his Christmas gift from Granny and Grandad K, his Innotab. He is my sweet little cuddly boy, my mornings just aren’t the same unless I get my snugly cuddles.
My quiet little darling B, she is so wonderful, so calm and caring with this amazing confidence that surprises me so much at times. I feel that this little girl has so much to teach me if I would pay attention.
My hubs, I love this man.
I can’t put it into words but he has gone through so many changes and has come out the other side as this person that I just adore and truly truly appreciate!

Our lives are changing.
Hubs has taken a job abroad. He had, to the opportunity was just too good to turn down.
We hope that we might be able to join him on his travels if he gets a good long contract somewhere nice. In the meantime, I don’t want him to miss anything, so I will write it all down and take all the pictures I can so he can keep up with us.

Watch out we are busy folk!

Oh and I talk, a lot!

You wanna know about me?

Well, I am mummy.
I try to be business woman too, but I just don’t have the business skills.
I went to Art School, I did ceramics and I love fabric!!
When Christmas hits, I start making like fury.
I tried a few spring fayres last year but it didn’t work out for me.
I started a Etsy shop but haven’t sold a thing, see, not a business woman.
This year I just want to make, for makings sake but, you watch, it won’t be long before the bug hits me again and I am thinking, ‘Do you know, I could sell this’

I would love to do reviews but I haven’t a clue how to get involved.
We do lots of crafting, swimming and baking and we love the outdoors.
If you fancy sending anything our way we would gladly give it a whirl!


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