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Monday : May Day Bank Holiday Monday for us. We did very little for most of the morning, I love those days. But I decided that we needed some fresh air.
A lovely walk to the beach was just what we needed.
Tuesday : Another lovely afternoon for J at his after school/nursery club.
Wednesday : Finally I was allowed to have a stay and play. It has been bugging me since J started in August that I couldn’t have a stay and play, finally they relented but the list was stuck in the corner and I nearly missed it. This was the last slot.
I had a wonderful wonderful time!!
Thursday : J had a dentist appointment today. They said his teeth have perfect hygiene, yippee!!
We walked to Grandads afterward and helped with a little gardening.
(Did ya notice!? I remember to take a picture this Thursday! Go me!!)
Friday : Testing out my fabric choices for making a quilt for J. He immediately tested it out 😉
Saturday : We had a lovely afternoon today. Bs very best friend is back for a visit! We joined them for a fun afternoon on the beach.
I love this picture that I took of the co conspirators.

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Monday : My crazy little J, hehe
Tuesday : J loves his time at the after school club. Love this image of him with his friends who go there with him.
Wednesday : The neighbours have build a wall at the end our gardens (1ft into their own garden all along the edge and the 2ft away from the old joining corner, but that’s another story). Now I am having to do a whole lot of work to try to make it make sense.
Thursday : As usual I have forgotten to take a Thursday picture. Honest, I don’t do it knowingly!!
Friday : This was Js choice of seat for his breakfast this morning, he is sitting on the bin!?
At granny and Grandads for dinner tonight, found these guys sharing a story.
Saturday : Yup, I am pretty sure that every week will contain at least one picture of Bs hair 😉
My mum thinks I ought to remember to do plain things every now and a while or B might end up being precious about her hair.
I am not so sure that she will become precious. The hair doing, every morning, is mainly for my benefit, B isn’t really fussy what I do. It is only because I gain so much enjoyment from it that she stays so patient for me. Yes she is proud, but not because she is vain.
But fair enough, sigh and little strop, maybe I will have to do something boring every now and again, sighs again in a harumph stylee.

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Monday : B Practicing her fiddle. It has been a wee while since she picked it up so it was a little stressful, but she really got there in the end. super proud!
Tuesday : Such a soft cat. They are both rubbing at his belly like you would a big dogs!
Wednesday : Daddy is leaving again, waaaay sooner than we expected and far sooner than I wanted 😦 But he is still excited to be off on a new adventure!
Thursday : I don’t know what it is with me and Thursdays!
Friday : Bashed car, again! It feels like it was just the other week that someone reversed into the front of me,now someone runs into the back of me!!
At least the car still goes, well enough to get us to a local fundraiser. Family Bingo!
I dashed out of my parents tonight so that I could get us there on time.
Wish I hadn’t bothered. J hated the sound of the automated bingo caller, B struggled to keep up with the numbers and I was just downright bored.
We left at the half way point.
Well, at least they got at our money.
Later that night someone knocked our door. J had won a raffle prize!
Ah we’ll, not such a waste of time then 😉
Saturday : Visiting another friends farm today. B got a cuddle with a lamb!
She was pleased though she held it funny because she didn’t want to touch any dirty bits, hehe

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