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Sacred Bedrooms?


Lots of family’s I know keep the parental bedroom a secret hideout, no children allowed.
I remember being, not afraid, but reticent to even step over the threshold of my parents bedroom door as grew up.

I can see the reason why, if the children are never allowed in then you can do as you please in the room, if you catch my drift 😉 😉 nudge nudge.

But, I dunno, if you let them know that there are boundaries. Like, maybe, when the door is firmly closed, you don’t enter without knocking and calling first?

For a while, in my house, I felt that the children’s room was just so small that I would allow them the run of ours as well.
It was guilt because there room was just so small, once they had a few toys out they had no floor to play on! It really was bad.
But having spent last summer switching rooms around, what an adventure that was! We got to camp out in the one room at a time whilst the other was completely done up.
Double bed with the single bed attached to the side, all four of us sleeping together.
I Loved it!!
I was almost sad when I finally completed the job and I had to move the children out.
No, I was sad, so were they.
But now, we have spaces that work far better for us all.

Initially B would still allow friends into our room, as she had before, but it began to feel a little uncomfortable. They now had the space they needed and all their toys were in their room, not mine.
What if these children went home and said, ‘We were playing Bs mummies bedroom all afternoon!’
It sounds a bit odd.
I think it worked before because they were young and, mainly, the parents visited with their children so they knew that the children were in there and my reasons for allowing it.
But suddenly Bs friends were coming alone and still going in my room.
It had to stop.

So that was when I introduced the ‘If the door is closed, you don’t go in’ rule.

Sorry, rambled on a bit there.

My point is that, that is the rule.
But there is nothing I like better than hanging out with my children, in my room.
It is comfy, and warn and relaxed.
B and I chat, J and I play Cuddle Monster or just generally cuddle.

Tonight we spent a lot of time in there.
B is not well, so took to her bed for a bit, J thought that seemed a good idea and took to his too. So I lay on mine to see how long it would last
J only lasted 20mins before he was through to me 🙂
So we had some lovely cuddles before he started asking to play on the iPad.
He played whilst I snoozed.
Soon after that J had his bath then came through to watch a bit of telly on the iPad whilst B had her bath.
Because he was settled and it was warm, I brought up our dinner, in bowls, so that we wouldn’t have to go downstairs after baths, it seemed so much colder down there!
B came through, after her bath and they both watched some telly whilst I organised the hot water bottles.
Then Daddy called on Skype and he too was lying in bed.

I find it all so relaxed and relaxing. We are all totally comfortable with it.
Why are other people so worried about boundaries?
Should I worry more?

I don’t feel I should, these are the evenings that I will treasure.

We do a similar thing on weekend mornings and I just LOVE them!
No pressure to be anywhere, do anything. Just spend time together.

Even when Daddy is home, we wouldn’t/don’t change much.

I love my bedroom, why not share that love and comfort with my children?